Starting a new business is an exciting process, but many areas will require a lot of attention and work. A startup needs to get right from the very start is staff as every business will require the right team powering the operation. Of course, this is difficult because it can be hard to attract top talent to a new startup and keep staff happy during the challenging early few days of a new business. Here are a few staffing tips for new startups which will hopefully be of help.

1. Outsource Instead of Hire

An excellent idea for a new startup to keep costs down while still getting the support needed to run the business is to outsource instead of hire. It is much easier to find talent as a startup when you are using freelancers instead of hiring staff, plus you can still get the work completed by experts without paying a salary and other employee costs.

2. Offer Remote & Flexible Work

It is also an intelligent idea to offer remote and flexible work to any employees that you do hire – this is becoming expected in today’s day, and age, plus remote work also permits you to cast a much wider net when looking for talent which should help you to find the right match.

3. Create A Positive Workplace

People spend an enormous amount of time working, which means that there is more than just salary when considering a new job (although the allure of a good salary must not be ignored). Therefore, you need to provide a comfortable, welcoming, safe and enjoyable workplace for people. This will include:

  • An attractive and spacious workplace
  • Relaxed yet productive atmosphere
  • Team buildings events and activities
  • Perks
  • Career progression opportunities

4. Make Communication A Priority

Communication is always important for running a business, but you must have good communication with any staff in the early days when it is finding its feet. This should include giving positive feedback, seeking their opinions and working together to create the best possible foundation and way of working each day.

5. Earn an HR Degree

Managing a team of people is not an easy task, and some enviable obstacles and issues occur in the workplace. This is why it is a good idea to study a postgraduate of HR management degree which will teach you all that you need to know to overcome these challenges, keep your workforce happy and run a successful business. 

6. Take Your Time with Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, you must also avoid rushing to fill positions and instead take your time to find the right person. It is harder as a startup, so it is smart to focus on those who have the right attitude and will be a good fit for the culture you want to adopt instead of focusing on experience – you can always train people to catch them up to speed.

Hopefully, this post will enable you to build and maintain a team for your startup that will drive you on to future success.

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