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Many businesses are defined by their ability to master the core concepts of economics: supply and demand. 

Laying out a business model, taking control of your inventory management and finding a reliable supplier is all possible on paper, but when the time comes to start making deliveries, a host of complications can quickly start to look overwhelming. 

If you want to optimize your own supply chain and keep your customers and your employees as satisfied as possible, here are some points you may find useful.

Delivery Management Software

The shipping process can be complex and highly intricate and for anyone dealing with a large number of orders on a regular basis, a logistical nightmare. 

When it is done right, however, the process can be completely stress-free, something that implementing delivery management software can help you with. 

This can help you track your assets and optimize your routes among a host of other benefits. The greater the level of automation you can introduce to your company, the higher the likelihood you can streamline your processes across the board. 

Regular Communication

Learning to practice effective communication can often be the key to success in the business world, and the shipping process is no different. 

This might mean setting up text alerts to let your customers know their package is nearby, or dedicating a page online to the tracking of their orders. One of the most important factors to bear in mind is the level of accessibility between you and your customers

You should always be prepared for a query regarding a delivery, be it from the customer or the delivery driver. 

Similarly, the ability to establish clear and direct communication with your supplier can help you develop a strong working relationship, which is a necessity in your hunt for a reliable partnership.  

Comparing Prices

Many startups need to keep a close eye on their budget in the beginning of their lifecycle, which often makes hiring full-time drivers impossible.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your deliveries, but the price can differ substantially between companies. 

There is no need to go with the very first option you come across, as you may be able to get a much better price for the same dimensions on a parcel from another source. 

In order to fully streamline your supply chain and widen the profit margin as much as possible, price comparisons must be made in a multitude of areas, including whether or not you will charge the customer for the delivery.

Postage and Packaging

Thanks in part to titans of the online shopping world, such as Target and Amazon, the modern consumer is expectant of free postage and packaging. 

This can be bad news for a startup that struggles to cover the cost of the delivery themselves. In this case, it can be important to think about a long-term goal, as offering free postage will help grow your customer base. You can talk to local postage companies and get the services at lower prices. You can visit website here to learn how offering express delivery can also help retain and increase the consumer base.

Conversely, startups offering paid postage should strive to make the customer experience as friendly and as functional as possible. 

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