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We are certain that you have heard of the eCommerce giant eBay. We are also certain that a large portion of our readers has used eBay at some point, or at least browsed through the millions of product listings.

eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms of its type in the world. Since 1997 this site has grown to a huge size and now enjoys an immense revenue from millions of traders and shoppers.

eBay is a paradise for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can list their products for free and benefit from exposure to a huge customer base, whilst buyers can pick out some fantastic deals from the thousands of product listings available.

Aside from the huge amount of trade going on, eBay users also benefit from its superb platform and myriad of features. Customers enjoy advanced search features, while sellers can create detailed product listings complete with images and more.

To show just how big eBay is, we can look at the following statistics and the infographic below. At any one time, it is reported that there at over 1 billion eBay listings. Furthermore, there are currently 25 million active sellers registered on eBay and 250 million classified users. With the current worth of over $8.5 billion, eBay is one of the largest retailers of its kind and employs over 12,000 people worldwide.

But it is not without its quirks and bizarre facts. For instance, in 2006, William Shatner’s kidney stone was sold for $25,000. This made us wonder what other crazy goods you can find on this eCommerce platform.


e-commerce giant ebay - MyStartupLand

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