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Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular visual networking platform. It is famous for its application based design and the look. According to Hootsuite, 4.2 billion posts are liked on Instagram each day. This platform has been successful in creating a great name for itself and the traffic capable of making everyone shine overnight.

If companies are not on Instagram, it is time to reevaluate the decision. Instagram is popular amongst celebrities as well as the general audience. The platform has over a billion users, which clearly displays the potential for businesses to promote their brands. Business owners should also consider integrating their WordPress website with their Instagram account.

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To facilitate this, we collected the best WordPress Instagram themes available on the market.


Most of the businesses are constantly hunting for stylish, elegant, as well as a powerful blog theme, capable of serving various purposes. Carrie is undoubtedly the best for those running personal blogs.

This theme is renowned for its unique design and various features, including changing fonts, colors, post views, layouts, and a lot more. The theme also comes with the built-in slider, perfect for displaying the Instagram content in numerous ways.


This is a WordPress Instagram theme, crafted with a lot of attention to various tiny details. This theme is perfect for both personal as well as corporate use. The design is timeless and the layout is known to feature customizer options. This allows the user to customize the layout, the colors, and the typography for personalization. This theme is free from any bloats, and you will be able to customize it easily.

The coding of the theme ensures that it is compatible with most of the plugins. You will be able to create and share all your favorite content with this theme and it is only going to cost $24.

Brooklyn Indie Band

If you are looking for a modern and elegant theme, that is not only clean but also pretty, the Brooklyn Indie Band is definitely for you. It is perfect to make represent bands and works also great to display products and services.

This is not just a theme; it is also known to offer diverse assets for making the band site look ideal. This theme is known to include the best possible features and it is going to cost you $39.

New York

Various businesses and bloggers use this theme. It features a clean and fast design, which is minimal and helps in promoting content greatly. This helps to captivate the attention of the readers.

Usage reports have revealed that this theme compared to other feels less messy and extremely easy for use. There are three styles along with great features and you can get it for only $19.


Jarsen is unique in comparison to the various other blog themes because of the classic and simple style that follows. This theme is well known and widely used because it offers numerous possibilities, optimization, and responsiveness.

The template is retina ready, great for displaying images and videos on new devices. You can customize this theme in a simple and easy way. The cost is only $49.

Donald Arch

Donald is one of the most responsive blog themes in the market. It is perfect for sharing knowledge, displaying personal achievements or usable also as an online web diary. This is a premium blog template and it is convenient for building the various types of professional and personal blog websites. It is based on the CSS framework of Bootstrap and it costs only $19.


This is the go-to-theme by a number of people, interested in creating personal blogs. Its design is clean and bold. The trendy layout and the elegance of this template add value to the website you would build.

It offers various features, including the sidebar layout as well as the layout with full width. You can get four different layouts when purchasing the theme for $39.


In case you are looking to displaying content in an elegant and modern style, this template is one of the best Instagram WordPress themes that you will come across. It features a slider, a header, a carousel, a user-friendly panel and it also has various other amazing features.

This theme offers various layouts and post options along with numerous Google fonts. The setup and installation of the theme are extremely simple. The price is $49.

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There are several options when it comes to WordPress Instagram themes. It is certainly difficult to pick one among the many, however, the above suggestions should make your life easier. The most important thing when considering a WordPress theme is to first consider your own needs and then look for what matches the best these. Many templates offer a free version to try out.

What theme did you choose to display in the best way your Instagram profiles? Would you recommend anything else that is not here? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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