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Do you want to join the “Billion Dollar Club“? Do you think you can really build a successful startup and get it valued at the magical figure of $1B? Do you believe to know what is the most appropriate decision to take to make your people happy as well as increasing revenues? Are you ready to build a unicorn or fail while trying?

Joining the startup wagon is becoming increasingly common. Many of us are tired of their 9-5 job and want to build their dream. Some others are not happy to make money for their boss and want to start building their own empire. But do you seriously think to have what it takes to be successful in the Silicon Valley?

Building a startup is no game. Or is it? 

Someone thought it would be funny (and rightly so) to create a game around entrepreneurial decision-making. Unicorn Startup Simulator by Toggl is just what you need on a lazy weekend, while your thoughts are around quitting your job and getting on that idea that you have been thinking about for while.

What’s best than testing your entrepreneur’s ability while playing a game?

Unicorn startup simulator - MyStartupLand

The game is highly addictive and I warn you now, you won’t be stopping until you join the “Billion Dollar Startup Club“.

Although a game, the creator smartly presents strange, sometimes crazy, but very realistic situations and you got to take a decision. Go big or go home! Is that the winning mentality? Or perhaps you need to be more conservative? Up to you to decide and see your startup get to $1B by the end of the year or see your employees revolt and run away.

It is a fine line between balancing employees happiness and making more money.

Are you going to please your investors? Or buy a standing desk for the whole company? Or even lose time in some useless events because “It’s FREE PR”?

Choose wisely and have fun!


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