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Management requires a certain level of skills, experience, and knowledge as the role is crucial to the organization’s success. It is a great and rewarding opportunity, but can also be both terrifying and overwhelming at the same time during the first few months, especially for first-time managers. Managers, while managing a group of individuals, are directly involved in planning, organizing, and controlling everything under their scope of work. If you are a new manager, you now have a vital role for your organization to function well, make a profit, and meet its goals.

Preparing for the New Role

If you are a first-time manager, you should not be too overwhelmed by your new position to a point that your capacity, skills, and performance get affected negatively. It would help a lot to educate yourself on the new role. Get to know your tasks, the scope of your work, your primary functions, your team members, and everything that is essential. Not only would you gain confidence in taking the new role, but it would also make your career transition a smooth-sailing experience. 

You may also ask yourself “What type of manager would I like to be?” or “What kind of manager would I want my coworkers to expect from me?“. Then, set your personal goals from there. Once you have laid out your personal goals, it would be much easier for you to embrace the new role. Work out everything slowly, one step at a time. By setting goals, you could have a long-term vision and motivation as you get involved in your new role. Moreover, it would help you focus and be more organized.

As a first-time manager, it’s important to clarify expectations. You will need to know:

  • What you are accountable for,
  • How your performance will be measured.

Being new, it is important that you clarify such expectations from your superiors and colleagues so that you can have a clear grasp of your role in general. It will also give you a different perspective on handling things as you go along. Similarly, you should openly and clearly discuss with each of your team members what your expectations are. In this way, they will have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and accountabilities.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind to be professional at all times. You are designated as the new manager because you are qualified for the position, and you have reached a certain level of skills and experience to be at that point.  Although it is understandable that you may still be adjusting to the new role, you need to look the part and exhibit a professional image. As the manager, you should set a standard in showing professionalism that your employees could follow. You should also be able to hold yourself liable for your own words and actions. Be responsible, considerate, truthful, ethical, and obey your organization’s principles.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Successful Manager?

As a first-time manager, you have to understand how crucial respect is in your new position. You must treat everyone with respect so that they will respect you in return. Listen and not interrupt when someone is speaking and be on time during meetings. Such simple actions would result in a harmonious working relationship with one another and a more productive and conducive work environment.

Another important thing to note is that you should exhibit excellent organizational skills. Managers always have their plates full, and as such, you should be able to stay organized and focused. You should be able to meet deadlines, prioritize and delegate tasks, and coordinate resources internally and externally.

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Another vital thing that every manager should pay attention to is their subordinates or team members. You must be able to motivate your employees by providing them an environment that is conducive to working effectively and efficiently and showing support, encouragement, and appreciation for their works.

Managers must also possess one of the most crucial skills in management – problem-solving skills. Problems are unavoidable and should be addressed immediately. As the manager, the first step is to be confident in handling them. Identify the problem and come up with alternative solutions. From there, you can evaluate the alternatives until you find the most plausible solution. As the manager, you should be able to establish open communication among team members so that you can collectively come up with a viable solution. 

What Tools Will You Need to Make Your Life Easy?

There are several ways to make management easier such as utilizing tools online that you and the rest of your team can easily access. One of the most effective tools is the Google Cloud Platform. This includes computing, data analysis, storage and database, networking, data transfer, and management tools, and much more.

There are also many time and attendance software available online, which you may find useful. 

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How to Build a Strong Team?

As the manager, you are in-charge in overseeing your team individually and collectively as a whole. For you to build a strong and effective team, you must possess great leadership skills and communicate effectively with your team. You should be able to establish open communication between team members so each can effectively express concerns and issues concerning the tasks, the projects, or the team in general. You must also establish time attendance software for your employees. You need to focus on each of the member’s roles and give value to what they do. It is important as well to set individual goals for each member, and general goals for the team.

Manager Must-Read Books

Learning is a continuous process that a first-time manager should always take note of. To stay focused on your goals and motivated in the work you do, you must read books relating to management and the things you do professionally. Read everything you can and take in as much as possible. From such, you can introduce new ideas to your team that may help everyone, including yourself, to improve. Some of the books that you could read are the following:

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