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Despite the fact that there is now lots of new and innovative ways to market a business, email marketing is by no means taking a back seat. This is especially thanks to rise in mobile phone use over recent years.

People have now instant access to emails wherever they are. They often have email notifications activated on mobile devices. Some marketers would even go as far as to say that email marketing is currently undergoing something of a “rebirth”. Thanks to this, brands are exploring new ways to drive ROI and reach potential customers.

The Rebirth Of Email Marketing

Like with most things, email marketing services are constantly evolving, implementing innovative ways to grab the audience attention. New technologies allow for all sorts of new features to be included in a marketing email. For example, more and more emails include a video to grab people’s attention, or use analytics for personalization.

Using names in an email can also be effective, but not as much as thought. What recipients seem to prefer is personalisation. Product suggestion based on their previous purchasing or browsing history is what triggers the audience attention. This is an interesting point to consider, as marketers should send emails with a specific need, as opposed to just sending an email without a defined name. By sending product suggestions, the email is automatically given an aim.

Another great way to grab someone’s attention is to give them something. People love getting free things, and as soon as they see that word in the subject line, it is likely to draw them in. You could also offer them discounts or promotions, all of which are likely to encourage them to click through to your website.

With the rise in social media use, many people thought that the death of email marketing was near, but with companies being creative in their email marketing approach, their demise is by no means imminent.

Email Marketing - MyStartupLand

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