Defining your brand
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Branding is one of the most under-appreciated parts of a business and yet is responsible for much of the success. Customers become loyal to a business not just because of the products or services it offers, but the ethos behind those things. 

In defining your brand, you’re creating the heart and soul of your business. You’ll be developing the identity and personality behind everything your business does. This development will pave the way for customers to find you and relate to you. 

Would you like to generate a loyal following behind your brand? Keep reading, we’ll show you how to define your brand.

The Key Components of Your Brand

When you think about branding, you might immediately think of logos. Your brand’s logo is important but before you develop it, you must get to know and understand your brand. After all, your logo will be a reflection of your brand, so you can’t develop it before the other stages.


Brand values get a lot of airtime but many businesses miss the point. They might write a bullet list of values to put on their website and then think no more about them. 

Brand values are crucial though because they not only govern how your brand behaves, but they are the foundation that will draw in your ideal audience. By defining your brand values, you can use them as a base for everything your business says and does. This will help your audience connect with your values and those who align with them will become loyal customers. 


While your brand values show what you believe in, your brand purpose is your reason for existing. What problem does your brand solve? Why is it necessary?

If you don’t define this, your audience will never be able to understand your brand. By getting this down, it’ll shine through in every part of your brand development. 


Your brand’s voice is another key part of its identity and is the basis of all your copywriting and content. Defining your brand voice includes working out how you’ll communicate with customers, the tone of voice you’ll use, punctuation and slang that are appropriate, and plenty more. 

It’s important to define your brand voice as consistency helps generate trust and authority. No matter who your customers speak to within your business, they should always be spoken to in line with your brand guidelines. 


The visuals of a brand are often the most iconic part and what helps make you memorable. Choosing your brand colors is surprisingly difficult but with your brand values and voice, you should be closer to understanding what kind of colors would work best. 

Use a color palette maker to create different color schemes and decide on one that will represent your brand values and ethos appropriately. 

Follow These Steps in Defining Your Brand

Defining your brand is one of the first steps a new business should take. Without a brand, there’s no personality for your audience to get behind. A brand should have a clear purpose and set of values. These shouldn’t be pithy either, but real beliefs and reasons why you do what you do. 

Brand voice and colors are the more customer-facing parts of your brand that garner connection and attention. By choosing a strong, appropriate voice and great colors, you’re on your way to having a solid brand. 

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