Vacations are fun when it’s packed with luxuries and amenities that you have been expecting to have on your next vacation. All this comes with pre-planning and detailed preparations. But that’s not rocket science to do. All you need is to seek details about the best deals, vacation plans, and everything you want.

Timeshare – definition

Timeshare is widely popular with the term ‘vacation ownership.’ It is a lifetime commitment to pay for the annual tours to a specific resort or destination. This involves your prepay for a few upcoming tours along with the maintenance fee for the year. There are options for upgrading or exchanging the fee if you wish to live better. Generally, most properties allowing timeshare accept payment for one-week trips.

How does it work?

Two significant types of timeshare contracts outline who owns the property and how it works for you when visiting the timeshare property. 

Shared leased – In a shared lease contract, the owner gets the liberty of dividing the property usage rights with another person. Here, one pays for the property for a specific period. The lease gives you the right to use all amenities and facilities offered for the mentioned period. Here, the owner does not get the right to sell, rent or put the property on sale for real estate purposes. 

Shared deeded contract – The shared deeded contract divides the property usage or ownership rights between two or more parties. Here, every party or individual is designated to use the property for a specific time duration. These terms and details are mentioned on a prior basis. A shared deeded agreement gives the owner the right to transfer the ownership of bequeathing, gifting, or selling the property to anyone. However, one must take care of all the documentation procedures. 

Common types of timeshare available

According to ARDA (American Resort Development Association), the timeshare started in the middle of the 1970s as a medium to off-loading excessive condos. Later, with multiple alterations and amendments in the process, the timeshare went on a new hype giving the travel industry a much-required boost. 

Types of timeshare include 

  1. Floating-week timeshare
  2. Point system timeshare 
  3. Fixed-week timeshare 

How to escape a timeshare plan?

Travelers often change their travel destination or stay plans at the last moment. This puts them in a dilemma if they should spend additionally on accommodation or cancel a timeshare. Here, a Timeshare Exit Company can prove helpful to escape a prepaid plan. These companies know the correct protocol to get back the ownership rights of the property legally. All you have to do is keep your relevant papers ready. Eliminating yourself from property rights is a hassle-free process, so do not hesitate to free yourself from something you don’t want. 


Timeshare has become the big hotshot of the travel industry, introducing many improvements in this domain. It has facilitated enjoying a vacation while giving people ample reasons to think of something big and unique for their holiday. All it requires is seeking information about a timeshare property at your favorite travel destination. 

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