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Edo Agenda is a comprehensive and highly intuitive digital agenda that helps users manage their time, their priorities and overall their life by bringing together events, notes, tasks, and reminders.
Organize your day, free up your creativity and reach your goals. 

Edo Agenda - MyStartupLand

What is it?

Edo Agenda combines all elements of the paper tool most used by mankind for personal productivity – the agenda – with the digital plus.
Calendar, note taking, tasks, and reminders meet on a single digital platform available across any device. Edo Agenda helps users to be creative and productive in their daily life.
These are the 3 main reasons to use Edo Agenda:
1) One place to plan – It removes frustration and confusion when planning by being a single repository instead of the multiple apps that users currently need to use for Calendar, Notes, Tasks etc.
2) Cross-device experience – It allows users to organize their life on any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop –  with instantaneous synchronization
3) Fast and intuitive – Its minimalist approach offers an easy navigation with a minimal number of clicks required to perform actions

Is it Free?

Edo Agenda is free, with no time limits. Premium features can be purchased in-app.

Two months of the Premium capabilities are offered at no cost to any users at the moment of download without entering credit card details. A paid plan is available at 2 euro per month to increase automation and unlock additional tools to boost your productivity and creativity.
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