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Working remotely has had over the last few years a huge impact on the work environment. Millennials see the possibility to work and travel as way to “escape” from the traditional work lifestyle, with 68% actively considering this option.

Being location independent, however, is not something new. It has always existed. The main different with few years back is that digital nomads embrace the lifestyle of travelling and working with less dependancy from one employer.

In our frenetic society for many of us achieving a good work-life balance has become an objective. Having the possibility to travel freely, but still work is without doubts an option today thanks to the technology available.

In case you are thinking to change your lifestyle in this new year, Venture With Impact has put together the top cities for working remotely in 2018.


Top Cities For Working Remote - MyStartupLand

Ann Davis is the founder and CEO of Venture with Impact – a social impact workation company that organizes accommodation, workspace, and skills-based volunteering for diverse professionals who live and work in a country abroad for one month or longer. After surviving cancer and subsequently traveling to over 40 countries and volunteering abroad in her 20’s, Ann founded Venture with Impact with the dream that working professionals could share in these same experiences while still working from their jobs.

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