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Admit it or not, 2020 is different for all businesses, including SEO agencies. All the trends and tactics that were forecasted a few months ago do not apply in the current scenario, thanks to the biggest pandemic that this generation has witnessed. Even the agencies that once had booming business may see clients coming in a trickle. And this is something they cannot probably control because businesses looking for cost-cutting are most likely to axe their marketing budgets first. Still, the show has to go on and businesses are learning to align and realign for survival. So going the extra mile to secure and retain your top clients makes sense. Here are some secrets that can help you pull through and stay on top of client retention. 

Show them the truth

The online audience is least interested in spending on products and services that are not essential right now; rather, they are looking for value-adding information. And this is the truth that you have to show to your clients and convince them about it as well. Explain to them the importance of keeping pace with the shift in the consumer mindset if they want to secure top google rankings in 2020 and ahead. More importantly, you also need to convince them that going slack with the SEO initiative would cause extensive damage to their businesses in the long run. Assure them that you will keep the initiative rolling and help them to come out of the storm unscathed. 

Help them set priorities 

When a crisis strikes, it is the time to show solidarity and this is exactly what SEO agencies need to do for their clients in 2020. Segments like hospitality and travel have taken a blow and you must do everything you can to enable these clients to survive. You can help them prioritize their marketing initiatives so that they can focus their efforts only on the ones that get them good returns with minimum spending and in the fastest time span. Pausing and cutting back on work also makes sense, although it may mean lesser revenue for your business. Remember that you will lose a client in any case if they fail to make it through the crisis. Conversely, you will gain a loyal one if you help them at this juncture.

Smarten up your business model

Apart from paying attention to client retention, you also need to focus on your own survival. Truly, the situation is stressful for everyone and you would also be feeling the pressure. It is recommended to choose white label SEO reseller to smarten up your business model in 2020. A good one can actually help you take your service quality to the next level, with improved outcomes for all your clients. And it certainly gets easier to retain clients by bringing tangible results for them. Partnering with a reseller would also pave the way for growth in the future as you have a smarter way of doing business.

Survival through a crisis is all about having the right approach and attitude. And this is exactly what you need to do if you want to sustain your SEO clients in 2020 and ahead. 

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