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The ultimate investor blogs list to follow is a collection of top VCs and angel investors blogs every startup founder should read.

As a startup founder, we are always on the look for answers to our doubts. We don’t know everything, and we know it, even if we behave differently. We live in this state of stress and fear (sometimes), thinking what to do next.

When I had my startup, most of the time, I didn’t have an answer to most of my questions, not to mention those of the people around me. However, I had to put on my “nice” face on and answer confidently about a possible solution. For this reason, when having questions or doubts on what next, I tended to avoid asking the close ones about advice.

We might venture out and ask our startup advisors. However, reality is that we need an answer by a person who has experienced, if not the same, a similar situation like the one we are living in.

Most of the times, we end up reading blogs of more experienced people, trying to find out how they crossed that moment.

With 152M blogs online (2013) pushing information to hungry readers, we tend to spend quite some time reading what someone else wrote. But how can we make sure that the information we get is legit? How can we trust those sources? How can we read everything?

There’s so much online and sometimes it can get confusing. I found myself lost more than once, overwhelmed with growth tactics, tips on how to approach investors, content strategy and just shit. Yes, shit. A lot of shit. Because there’s a ton of this online and it’s difficult to spot the proper stuff you want to be investing your time reading.

Being in the startup business, I believe it’s fundamental to collect top VC or angel investor blogs, where entrepreneurs can go and grab what they need. The list of investors who blog is very long. It took me a long time to pull together this list and I am sure I left someone outside. I focused mainly on U.S. and European investors, mainly because I know more this markets than the Asian and Middle East one. I voluntarily left out some company blogs that didn’t really seem to add much value.


1. Fred Wilson – avc.com

A VC since 1986. Working at Union Square Ventures, he writes daily on his blog about pretty much everything going on in his world, from the personal to the business  sphere. He encourages communication with the readers. As an idea, each of his blog posts tends to attract roughly 100 comments.

Follow him @FredWilson or @AVC

2. Brad Feld – FeldThoughts

Another experienced VC, active since 1987. He is founder at Foundry Group and Techstars (one of the world’s leading startup accelerators). He takes passion in mentorship and guidance. His blog posts are very insightful and interesting to read. He is also active with several non-profit organizations.

Follow him @bfeld

3. Jason Ball – Techbytes

He is the director of Qualcomm Ventures. He is very active in the mobile and online space. His blog is a concentrate of interesting and practical advice for startup founders. His style is short and direct to the point, making it easy to read and implement. An example is this blog post about The Perfect Pitch.

Follow him @jasonball

4. Mark Cubain – Blog Maverick

He doesn’t really need an introduction. He is probably one of the most well-known businessmen around (also for those outside the startup industry). He owns the NBA’s Dallas Maverick, Landmark Theaters, and Magnolia Pictures. The blog is about his perspective on  financial markets, but also about his experience as a businessman, entrepreneur and angel investor.

Follow him @mcuban

5. Tim Berry – BPlans

Founder of Palo Alto Software, he has invested most of his time on small businesses. He built his own website and shares stories about his own ventures and investments. The blog is practical and full of hands-on advice on business planning, startups, and business growth.

Follow him @Timberry

6. Chris Dixon – Cdixon

An entrepreneur from New York turned VC, he decided to move his blog on to Medium. He has invested in many great companies and likes to see things from a wider perspective, rather than the specifics. He looks at industry trends and sees the connections or implications with the startup world. His blog is particularly interesting because rarely you can find someone who has succeeded on both the VC and startup founder side.

Follow him @cdixon

7. Jeffrey Finkle – Fink About It

An angel investor who likes to give insights on his daily activities in the startup world. His blog is an important resource for startup founders as it is possible to find in-depth advice on investments, startups, and life in general. There are also quite a few podcasts that help the learning.

Follow him @jfinkle

8. Fred Destin – Open Source Venture Capital 

He was founding investor at Seedcamp and partner Atlas Venture, which focuses on early stage startups in the life science and technology innovation. His focus is on software, e-commerce, and digital media. He is an investor in some very interesting startups, such as Dailymotion, Zoopla, PriceMinister or Cinemagram. Since he moved to the U.S. he is mentoring at Techstars.

Follow him @fdestin

9. Jalak Jobanputra – The barefoot VC

Founding partner of Future Perfect Venture, an early-stage VC in New York City. She is been a VC since 1999. She is also a Techstars mentor. Being one of the few women in a white male predominant space, her blog is definitely a must-read. She brings a new perspective into social and impact investing.

Follow her on @jalak

10. Dharmesh Shah – On Startups

He is the CTO of Hubspot. The website is not properly a blog written by him, but rather a collection of different blog posts by different entrepreneurs. The idea is to have a place where you can identify situations where you might find yourself in as a startup founder. The website focuses particularly on software startups.

Follow him at @dharmesh

11. AngelList Blog

Blog of the well-known website AngelList. It is one of the best blogs around to find stories about early stage startups, that received fundings. Here you can find those “How I made it” posts that can give us some interesting hints and extra motivation.

Follow it at @AngelList

12. Christoph Janz – The angel VC

Co-founder and MD at Point Nine Capital. Prior to that, he was a successful Internet Entrepreneur (2 exits) and angel investor. His blog focuses on SaaS, Internet Startups and angel investing. It’s important to keep this blog in mind as Janz started blogging about startups and investments even before Social Media was a thing.

Follow him at @chrija

13. David Cohen – Hi, I’m David Cohen

Founder and Managing Partner at Techstars, number 1 ranked startup accelerator worldwide. He has been the founder of several startups in the Software and Web Technology space. As a person deeply involved in early-stage startups, he is an advocate and mentor of many startups. His blog is a must-read for every startup founder launching a new company.

Follow him at @davidcohen

14. Paul Graham – Essays

Co-founder of YCombinator, one of the top startup accelerator around. No list would be complete without Paul Graham’s. The blog posts are usually quite lengthy, but worth every minute the read. You can find a wide variety of topics, from seed-stage company facts, cultural trends, customer behaviors and more generally personal habits. One of his best “essay” is about angel investing.

Follow him at @paulg

15. Mark Suster – Both Sides Of The Table

Partner at GRP Partners, Mark has been on both sides of the table, entrepreneur and investor. He knows what he is talking about because he experienced it. His knowledge is quite vast, as he lived both situations as a startup founder, but also as a VC ready to invest in a company. He blogs extensively on a wide variety of topics, fundraising, industry analysis, sales strategies, and startup culture.

Follow him at @msuster

16. Dave McClure – 500 Hats

If you want to have insights by one of the most influential people in the startup space, you need to read Dave McClure’s blog. He was an early employee at Paypal (Director of Marketing) and after leaving, he started to invest in several internet startups. He is the mind behind 500 Startups founded in 2010. As the name of his startup accelerator might suggest, he has invested in more than 500 startups worldwide. This means that he has been exposed to quite a few stories about product development, fundraising, go-to-market strategy, building teams and so on.

Follow him at @davemcclure

17. Ben Horowitz – Ben’s Blog

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. One of the most interesting author in the VC space. He is quite a character and you can see it on his blog. He starts every single post with a rap lyric. He has great advice on several topics, but the strongest ones seem to be team building, career development, hiring and startup culture.

Follow him at @bhorowitz

18. Nic Brisbourne – The Equity Kicker

Currently managing partner at Forward Partners. He started his blog in 2006 and since then the website has gained strong traction, becoming a reference for European startup founders. HIs insights and opinions are highly regarded also among other investors.

Follow him at @brisbourne

19. Bill Gurley – Above the Crowd

He has over 10 years experience as a VC as a partner at Benchmark Capital. Although he doesn’t write as often as others, his blog posts are full of insights and details. As a matter of fact, his entries are quite lengthy, but worth the read. He focuses on pricing strategy, mobile trends and metrics.

Follow him at @bgurley

20. Seraf Investor – The Seraf Compass

The blog is run by those behind Seraf Investor, a software company providing angel investors the necessary means to keep things organized as their portfolio grows bigger. The two co-founders have great experience in investment, so expect a lot of entrepreneurial language and details. This is definitely a good blog to bookmark to learn how to gain investments.

Follow it at @serafinvestor

21. Venture Hacks Blog

It is run by AngelList co-founders Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant. The two of them are quite experienced as start founders, but also as angel investors (early stage investment in Twitter). The blog includes information on h

Follow it at @venturehacks

22. Thomas Grota – A Personal View On Venture Capital

He is an Investment Director at The Corporate Venture Capital firm at Deutsche Telekom AG. He has over 15 years experience in the IT and telecommunication industry. He is also a mentor at Seedcamp and HackFwd. The blog gives us insights on his daily life as an investor with insights on industry events and opinions on how the European VC landscape will look like in the future.

Follow him at @thomasgr

23. Tomasz Tunguz Blog

He is a VC at Redpoint. His style is different from many others. He writes short and punchy blog posts that get his point across quite clearly. In this way, it’s very easy to read and digest his entries.

Follow him at @ttunguz

24.The Gust Blog

Gust.com is another platform that connects startups with investors. The blog is a very useful concentration of stories on both sides of the table. There are stories about startups by VCs who decided to invest in them, and also posts about startups by entrepreneurs who run them.

Follow it at gustly

25. Jason Calacanis Blog

A serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, and writer, Jason Calacanis is a very well known name in the VC space, either because they love him or not. He writes about early stage investments and entrepreneurship. His views are not always following the general opinion.

Follow him at @Jason

26. Adam Quinton – A2A: Analyst To Angel

Founder and CEO of Lucas Point Ventures. His focus is on supporting diverse management teams. Not only he is active as an investor, he is also a mentor/advisor in several groups. The blog focuses on the inner workings of investment from an investor point of view.

Follow him at @adamquinton

27. Ciaran O’Leary – Berlin VC

With 8 years experience in the VC world, he is a partner at EarlyBird, a European VC firm focusing on technology ventures. He is one of the few (if the not he only) relevant blogger in the VC space sitting in Berlin, making him an unofficial representative of the “Silicon Alle” of Europe. Compared to other blogs, his is relatively new, but very interesting to follow, especially if you are interested in the Berlin ecosystem.

Follow him at @ciaranoleary

28. Joanne Wilson – Gotham Gal

Her blog focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs on different aspects of life. She started in 2007 with one angel investment, and since then her portfolio grew to more than 90 companies. The blog talks about her experience as an entrepreneur as well as an angel investor.

Follow her at @thegothamgal

29. David Teten – Teten

Partner at ff Venture Capital. His work focuses on identifying promising early-stage companies. Since 2008, he invested in over 90 companies for an aggregate market value of over $4 billion. David is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, the largest angel group on the East Coast.

Follow him at @dteten

30. Leapfounder Blog

An Amsterdam-based company, providing a platform to increase access to investment opportunities for smaller investors. Their blog is based on stories by angel investors you can learn from.

Follow it at @Leapfunder

 31. Basil Peters – Strategic Exit

Basil is the CEO of Strategic Exit, a company that helps other companies getting an exit. His belief is that the most thrilling moment of being an entrepreneur is the exit strategy. The blog focuses on this topic.

Follow him at @basilpeters

32. Creandum Blog

A VC firm based in Stockholm and Palo Alto that invested in companies such as Spotify, iZettle, and TicTail among others. The blog offers a lot of interesting insights into the VC life as well as investment activities.

Follow it at @creandum

33. Pawel Chudzinski – Notes of a VC in Berlin/Europe

Co-founder of early stage VC fund Point Nine Capital. Before that, he also co-founded Team Europe. On his blog, you can find in-depth posts on what VCs like to hear and see in a startup and global vs (multi-) local startups among other interesting topics.

Follow him at @pawell

34. Martin Mignot – Unvalidated Learnings

Martin is an early-stage investor at Index Ventures in London. His focus investments are in SaaS, marketplaces, bitcoin and mobile businesses. He has worked on more than 50 transactions including Codecademy, Farfetch, and Just Eat. The blog covers a different array of topics, from personal commentary to business quotes and links to interesting tech reads.

Follow him at @martinmignot

35. Roberto Bonanzinga – Entrepreneurship at Work

In 2014, he moves from Partner to Venture Partner at European VC firm Balderton Capital to take on more activities as an angel investor. The blog is on Medium and covers a variety of topics focusing on VC struggles and Entrepreneurs’ activities.

Follow him at @bonanzinga

36. Albert Wenger – Continuations

He is a partner at Union Square Ventures, an NYC-based early-stage VC firm, focusing on disruptive networks. Before becoming a VC, he was the president of del.icio.us through the company sale to Yahoo! His blog focuses on market trends, financial markets and their impacts on startups.

Follow him at @albertwenger

37. Guy Kawasaki Blog

Guy Kawasaki needs no introduction. He is one of the most influential people in the Silicon Valley. He is Chief Evangelist of Canva. In the past, he had the same role for Apple. He is not only very active as a blogger but has written quite a few interesting books to help start founders.

Follow him at @GuyKawasaki

38. Hunter Walk Blog

Hunter is a partner at Homebrew and previously led consumer product management at YouTube. In his blog, he talks about building a new VC firm, his investments, and his hits and misses along the way.

Follow him at @hunterwalk

39. Sam Altman Blog

He is the president of Y Combinator, the very well-known seed-stage investor/accelerator. Sam Altman knows a lot of things and this is the place where he shares his knowledge. He covers broad topics from net neutrality to starting a company, touching on things like hiring and employee retention. His blog is a great read for both a VCs perspective on the tech industry and for insight into broad trends

Follow him at @sama

40. Charlie O’Donnell – This Is Going To Be Big

Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. Like other VCs taking on blogging, he talks about his investments and why he makes them. But, he also has great advice on growth strategies for early-stage startups.

Follow him at @ceonyc


Should you follow daily all of this? No, I don’t think that’s necessary. Perhaps it is a good idea to bookmark them and check every now and then when you have doubts. One of them might have the answer you are looking for.

Do you recommend any other investor blog that I should add to this list? Have you benefit from any of these blogs?

Luca is an experienced sales executive and business coach with a background of over 10 years in sales and management. When not working, Luca runs one of the leading online magazines for startup knowledge, MyStartupLand, with the aim of providing meaningful and helpful content to startup founders and business people.


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