Atos and RingCentral, Inc are leading providers of global enterprise collaboration, cloud communications, contact center solutions, and video meetings. These top-notch leaders announced the first official release of Unify Office in the United States. 

A Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS), UO enables businesses to easily and seamlessly communicate and collaborate through industry-leading team messaging, video, and voice capabilities. Know that these features work well for any device, anywhere- all thanks to a single enterprise solution. 

Tech giants exclaim that customers look for communication and collaboration solutions, which interact with business applications of their preference. And, these also provide the future-proofed capabilities of businesses of all sizes. 

However, with new technology, consumers have the ease of leveraging a unique combination of messages, videos, and phone system capabilities- all together in a single application. 

While Unify solutions tend to support a wide variety of customers-right from the federal government, manufacturers, municipalities, and states to utilities, hospitals, etc. With the unique combination of RingCentral’s products together, the functions have accelerated. Together, they have the capabilities of building managed and integrated digital workplaces. And, these are the ones end-users need for being competitive. 

Some benefits, which Unify Office with RingCentral swears to provide to customers are:

  • Seamless Migration:

Customers have the ease of migrating at their own pace. Know that this transformation is smooth right from the traditional telephony systems to Unify Office– all thanks to RingCentral. 

Customers have the privilege of using their existing Desk Phones with the latest technology. 

  • Simplicity:

There is one vendor, a single offer, and one perfect solution. Whether the customers have a requirement or a smaller one, the experts have solutions to provide support. Their simplified landscape helps in covering their communication and collaboration needs with complete ease. 

  • Open Platform and Integrations:

It is worth considering the new technology as it easily integrates with business applications like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce productivity suites. With this, it will be worth developing integrations for the custom workflow. 

  • Enhanced User Experience:

Unify Office offers a dark theme so that users can facilitate viewing, integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Google contracts. By doing so, the chances for ease in communication increase manifold. Also, users can navigate well through desktop phone updates. 

  • New Call Features:

This technology helps customers switch from a voice call to a video call using a single click. Also, pick up the authorized calls, which someone else directs to another user’s extension, and establish a queue overflow to the extensions. Thereby, more calls will find answers without routing them to voicemail. 

  • Enhanced Video Meeting Security and Experience:

This software includes host, admin, moderator controls, and password protection. The participants can switch their video gallery view to one or more layouts.

With diverse choices, users tend to experience better. They’ll be able to focus on the speaker or presenter without distractions from other users. 

  • Integrated Team Messaging:

Through built-in messaging, users have the flexibility of doing more than before, during and after the meetings. With task management, consumers can pin action items for an easy follow-up process and maintain team accountability. 

The Conclusion

The primary focus is to bring cloud communication benefits to businesses everywhere. With integration, consumers will have access to a secure, single, and trusted communication solution. 

Also, with the help of integrated features like video meetings, team messaging, and cloud phone system- people and teams will be efficient and productive. 

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