The world of work has changed immeasurably in recent years. With the incessant rise of computers and, in particular, the internet in the workplace, traditional careers are being transformed by new tech. However, while jobs are undoubtedly changing with the march of technology, the core reasons for finding a rewarding job remain largely the same – to choose a career that gives you a level of satisfaction, normally found through making a difference in some way. 

It’s estimated the average person will spend around 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime – or approximately one-third of their lives. Most people spend more time with their workmates than their family and friends, so choosing the right career is essential if you’re to achieve happiness throughout your lifetime. 

Here are just a few of the jobs that are rated as being the most rewarding by employment experts:

Become an early childhood educator

Most psychologists agree people’s attitudes, outlooks, hopes, and aspirations are formed by three primary influences – education, family, and friends. Becoming an early childhood educator will give you the chance to have a positive impact on the future generation by providing support and instilling learning in the adults of tomorrow. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once stated, “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man” and there’s little doubting our early education plays a pivotal role in our on-going development as we grow up. Taking a course in childhood education like those offered by will help you get started down this thoroughly rewarding career path. 

Working your way up to chief executive

In terms of rewarding jobs, there can surely be few more satisfying than earning the responsibility to shape and form the future of a company. As chief executive, you will have huge accountability but will also have the opportunity to dictate the future direction and image of a firm. The route to this position of authority varies massively from individual to individual – though many would argue the most successful CEOs are those that have an in-depth knowledge of a company, built up through holding multiple roles.

Train to become a firefighter

Satisfaction at work can be derived from many different factors, but there can surely be few more rewarding experiences than the notion of saving lives. As a firefighter, you will protect the public, companies, and buildings from fire – more often than not, also saving people as a result. 

Take up a career in nursing

Similar to the firefighting role above, nurses help to save lives, lessen pain and decrease suffering. In terms of job satisfaction, nursing frequently tops most-rewarding job lists by those involved in the profession. Most general nurses will have studied to degree level while advanced or specialized nurses will have also taken a course of dedicated education in a particular area.

Study to become a psychologist

In a similar vein to nurses, psychologists are specifically trained to help people with problems and to assist them in attaining mental and emotional well-being. Psychologists will also often perform research or specific studies into brain behavior and function. Helping clients overcome emotional problems or trauma can prove highly rewarding – though it should also be remembered that psychologists often report feeling mentally disturbed themselves and that the process of caring for others can be physically and cerebrally draining. 

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