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Branding matters. How much you ask? Being consistent across presentations and platforms can increase sales by up to 23%!

Part of successful branding is having an appealing and recognizable logo.

Wondering if you should be thinking about updating a logo? Don’t worry. Keep reading below for five clear signs you should definitely do a logo redesign!

1. It is Outdated

We all can tell when we visit a website that hasn’t be updated in a few years. And while the retro design has made a return in certain areas like fashion and decor, a logo from three decades ago just won’t cut it today.

Outdated logos decrease appeal for potential new customers. Before you start any redesigns, do your research. You want to know if your company has any new direct competitors and what their logo looks like.

This lets you ensure you will stand out. It’s also generally believed that you should at least think about updating your logo every five years or so. 

2. Doesn’t Jive with Rebranding

Often businesses give their public appearance a facelift without inherently changing anything about the business.

Steve Jobs led a massive rebranding of Apple in the late 1990s. McDonald’s still rolls out rebranding elements in an effort to show the public they have healthier options too.

While McDonald’s retained the golden arches, Apple adjusted its logo. Take advantage of any rebranding resources and be sure to discuss how your logo may need to change.

3. Your Logo is Complicated and Busy

Complex, intricate logos were once pretty properly. This changed as more and more businesses went digital. Too much detail simply does not translate well to online materials.

Successful logos now typically trend towards modern and simplistic elements. If you are looking for tools to assist you in redesigning a logo, check out this Adobe Spark post.

4. Evolution: Time for a Logo Redesign

Logos created when businesses are in their infancy often won’t meet the mark a few years in. As companies grow, core values and ideas may also grow and evolve.

As your business creates new products and/or services, you likely will need to redesign your logo to reflect these changes. If you don’t, you will fail at informing potential customers what your business is really all about.

5. You Aren’t Attracting Web Traffic

While a logo isn’t the sole reason your online traffic may suffer, it definitely plays a part. Even with stellar marketing techniques, a poorly designed logo can be a thorn in your side.

Figuring out web traffic strategies is best handled by working with both marketing and design specialists.

Bring New Life and New Customers to Your Company

Hopefully, now you see that even if your logo isn’t bad per se, it may still be time for a logo redesign.

If you take the time to freshen up your logo, you are likely to see great revenue benefits.

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