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Today’s business world is very competitive, with money, time and effort being in short supply as businesses try to do a lot more with less of the three. For growing businesses, an office gives them an air of legitimacy and professionalism. However, leasing an office, having it furnished and bringing it up to standard takes a lot of resources. This is why many growing businesses are turning to serviced offices.

What are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are office spaces that are available for lease and occupation on the first day. Serviced office providers provide a range of services including staffing, telephone, internet, furniture and much more, allowing your business to move into the space the same day you need it.

Leases for serviced offices are usually shorter than for conventional offices which makes them cheaper for growing businesses that have a distributed workforce and may only need an office space for a short period, like a month or two out of the year. Additionally, these businesses do not have to spend the time and money it takes to customise the space since this will be done for them.

So, knowing all this, why are serviced offices a great option for growing businesses?

Lower Upfront Costs

If your business leases conventional office space, it has to buy the necessary furniture, video conferencing equipment and more to turn it into a working office. With a serviced office, all these costs are eliminated which means your start-up costs will be lower. 

An added benefit of having everything done for you is that you will save a lot of time not having to wait around for the office to be ready for use.


Scalability is a very important consideration for smaller start-ups that are projected to grow quickly. Many of these start-ups have fluctuating staff levels and, instead of wasting money on space they do not need or will not use for a few months or years, they can opt to only lease the space they will use right now and move into a bigger space once they need it.

Serviced offices are a great option because they allow start-ups to get the space they need right now while allowing them to move to a bigger office if they require it. Office rental companies like Stelmain, who offer offices for rent in Glasgow, understand this and this is why they let you move to a bigger space when required, sometimes within the same rental lease agreement you already have. Stelmain also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the service options you can choose, the lease length, and the type of space that would suit your growing start-up best.

Reduced Risks

If you lease a serviced office, you immediately eliminate most, if not all, of the risks associated with owning and maintaining office infrastructure. For example, you will not own most of the IT infrastructure, office equipment, telecommunications systems, as the serviced office provider will provide it. This way, you shift the operational risk associated with owning or maintaining this infrastructure and concentrate on running and growing your business.

Professional Business Support Services

Some serviced office providers know that most of their tenants will be new businesses or start-ups looking for their first office space or just getting off the ground. Because of this, they can provide additional services such as helping with the formation of a company, HR consultation, travel arrangements, secretarial support, tax advice and so much more.

By getting all these services in one place, business owners do not have to worry about hiring people to provide them.


In the past, serviced office providers used to provide just the basics; the office space, meeting rooms, and printing or photocopying services. As the needs of businesses have changed, so has the approach of serviced office providers. They now provide services and amenities that you would find in a conventional office including break rooms, complimentary refreshments, business lounges, rooftop access, wellness programmes and event spaces. 

Business owners can choose from the services offered and pay for a package that only includes the services they require. This makes it easy for businesses to tailor the spaces to their specific needs.

Long-term Cost Savings

In a conventional office, businesses have to pay for meeting rooms and other facilities that they may only use a few times a month. In a serviced office, businesses can pay on a “pay-per-use” basis which means they pay for the actual use of these spaces, facilities and amenities instead of paying for them to remain unoccupied most of the time. The savings made here can be substantial in the long term and be used in other areas of the business.

Changing business needs are largely to thank for the growth of services offices. Now businesses can get the space they need knowing that they can get even bigger spaces as they grow while saving time and money through the whole process.

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